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"Nothing I have accomplished has given me more confidence than birthing my children at home naturally. I was so high after delivering my children-not just because I had a new baby, but because I was so proud of what my body (and mind) were able to do. I strongly encourage women not to give this power away. "Better Birth, The Ultimate Guide to Childbirth from Home Births to Hospitals" is a great way to prepare women for the most beautiful and raw experience and to remind us all that on a very primal level, birthing is as natural to us as women as breathing."

Cindy Crawford, Supermodel


"There is nothing more important in the world than birthing. From the moment life is conceived, the journey begins. To be able to experience it with all the joy and love that is innate to our souls is one of the most precious experiences for mother, father and child. It is the mind-body connection that will allow parents to fully experience and appreciate the emotional, physical and spiritual beauty of childbirth. Denise Spatafora's 'BornClear' will help guide parents through this journey of creation and destination to birth."

Donna Karan


"Comprehensive and profoundly caring look on a very important subject."

Olympia Dukakis, Oscar winning actress, mother of 3, grandmother of 4

"It is so amazing to see the world of women come together through what binds us; the rite of passage we know as childbirth. Denise's firsthand experience through the powerful and natural births of her own children, plus her feminine intuition, come alive throughout this text, Better Birth. This wonderful book imparts the physical, emotional and spiritual wisdom women need for a healthy, safe, and powerful birth experience. Her knowledge and voice will support our world of women, the world of natural childbirth, and most importantly the world of children, both those here already, and those we wait to catch with open arms as they are birthed into our world."


Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein, Filmmakers of The Business of Being Born and authors of Your Best Birth

"In 'Better Birth,' Denise Spatafora delves into the connection between mind and body as it affects pregnancy and birthing. She offers her wisdom as a business and life coach to expectant mothers. With Denise's insight and guidance, women can reconnect with what childbirth truly is -- a natural, empowering, gift."


Intent/Mallika Chopra


"Being the mother of two daughters, one delivered by c-section and one by VBAC, I wish Denise's book had been available to me during my pregnancies. Better Birth is a practical and loving guide to understanding the natural mind-body connection that is so important during conception, gestation and birth. She set out to empower women by educating us as we face an increasing number of intimidating medical decisions involved with having a baby and she succeeded. When they are ready, I want my daughters to read Better Birth in preparation for their journey to motherhood."

Felicia Stingone, Director - Strategic Marketing and Business Development, 92 Street Y, New York City

Better Birth Book Reviews:


"The BornClear method not only changed our approach to labor but our approach to life! All featured in her book “Better Birth, The Ultimate Guide to Childbirth from Home Births to Hospitals”. Denise's techniques as a one-on-one coach were exactly what we needed as we prepared to be first-time parents.  She strengthened us in ways we did not expect. She helped me understand and believe that a woman has tremendous power to shape her birthing experience.  

As a result I was able to mentally, emotionally and psychologically create my perfect birthing space and also included all the material details that I felt would be supportive.  Our midwife told us that in her eighteen years of practice, she had never had a patient who took as much responsibility for her labor as I had!  Because of what I learned from Denise I was able to, before and during labor, allow my mind to lead my body in ways that were productive and healing.  I attribute a huge part of my under 8-hour, unmedicated, and powerfully amazing labor to Denise.  

In addition, she lead my husband and I to be aware of the possibilities within ourselves and the limitations that have been blocking us, limitations that might inevitably negatively affect my labor if we continued to choose not to change.  Denise's ability to tap into specific impediments to a positive birthing experience lead to other miracles in our lives (reuniting with my father, employment for my husband), miracles that positively affected the birth of our son.  

With Denise's help we were able to give our child the gentle birth he deserved.  I now feel that she is not only our birthing coach but a mentor and a spirit sister (one who is not afraid to tell you the truth about yourself!).  I have been applying what I have learned from Denise to heal more aspects of my self, inspire my friends and create a better life."

Neibaur and Leila McCarrey, Program Officer, Lantern Group & Director, Committee for U.N. Delegations


"Better Birth is a book that fills a long-unrecognized void in the world of pregnancy and birth-related books. Today, expecting mothers have so many places to turn for information and advice - but before Better Birth there has not been a single resource that encompassed such a well-informed and enlightened outlook. Denise Spatafora shares her profound understanding of all elements of birthing in this eye-opening book, allowing women to really see for the first time - how the physical, philosophical, spiritual, personal and medical worlds entertwine through the experience of birth. Denise's deep research and personal experiences provide a healthy roadmap for any woman to gain confidence, inspiration, and joy about the birth experience she will create - no matter what type of experience she envisions. This is not a book that fosters judgement of women who chose one path over another. Instead it provides an unmatched resource for women (and men) to truly educate themselves about the real options available and take a leadership role in aligning with everything that will impact their birthing experience. Denise guides readers in releasing negative feelings and understanding that misperceptions are often the only true barriers to what all women are capable of - a peaceful and satisfying, healthy birth for their babies."

Jackie Volovich


“Often times when I am working as a doula with couples I try to impress upon them that giving birth is 90% an emotional/spiritual experience.  A woman is not only giving birth to a new human being, but to herself as a mother, and what’s more, she is giving birth to a new family.  Not only this, but birth is one of the most primal experiences a human being can go through and in that it calls upon the deepest parts of your being to be faced, dealt with, challenged, and ultimately called upon.

Finally, with the publication of Denise's book, BetterBirth, I have a resource I can hand to my clients to help them get at this core.  Denise's book, which is the exceptionally beautiful culmination of a life's work of supporting, coaching, and challenging people to be the best they can be combined with her expertise in childbirth, is a treasure trove of useful tools and information to help parents prepare for this most auspicious rite of passage in life.  Denise book gives practical information on how to prepare mentally, physically, and spiritually for the birth of your new child.  Everything from her toolbox with helpful tips on preparing one's body for the birthing process, to her very thoughtful and thorough tips on how to plan for the immediate postpartum period, this book is chockfull of useful information.

This book is amazing and I can't think of anything better for a couple to read - in fact, I hope that each and every couple gets this book in their hands as soon as they realize they are pregnant.    This book will prepare women for birth in a way not found in other birth preparation books.   What a gift Denise has given women and couples!”

Nicole Heidbreder
Director of International Development for DONA International

“We live in a multidimensional world that is all too often dealt with in the most superficial and simplistic ways. This book does not do that with its subject. Denise approaches the phenomenon of birth from all the aspects that encompass it, and in so doing, honors this most magnificent, powerful and sacred act of life.

This is not a 'mom' book this is a Mother book. the Mother is a manifestation of the archetypal energy of the world which gives birth to and creates.  The approach of this book intends to bring a respect and comfort to the woman who is 'in process', and it accomplishes its intent.

Denise has dug deeply into her subject, exploring the technical, physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects of it, and in the process has elicited information from experts in these fields, from whom she has also received many acknowledgments. she has thereby brought forward, and offers to all who read
it, a sense of the depth, the reverence and the honor of what it is to be a woman on the road to creating a Better Birth.”

Raja Shaheen
Holistic Hands-On Practitioner, Somatic and Developmental Trauma Counselor, Interfaith Minister, Reiki Master, Intuitive Energy Healer(IEH), Shamanic Balancing


“I read this book after I had already given birth three times and I wish that I had had this book to refer to.  Denise Spatafora really provides a tremendous amount of information about all the decisions around conceiving and giving birth.  Each of my births was so different from the one before and I had little idea of what I could do to understand the process.  Now I know.  After reading Better Birth, you will feel empowered and prepared for the birth of your child.  The book addresses women as intelligent, intuitive, and emotional people capable of making the best decision for themselves.  I really appreciated the birth stories that pepper throughout the book. It provides the reader a way to personalize the information that a woman and her partner need about everything from conceiving, connecting with their unborn child, preparing for birth, giving birth the way that feels “right” for you , to postpartum.   I think this book has some definite advantages over the other birthing books. It addresses factors that they ignore or hardly address including the affect of your emotions, thoughts, actions on your baby conceived or not! 

The other thing that is great about this book is that it breaks things down into manageable parts and gives specific techniques that I wish I had had when I was pregnant. It talks about all the issues surrounding birth without instilling fear or dread. It describes all the processes around birthing allowing the reader to make informed decisions and to trust her own body. One of the best things in the book is the BornClear Toolbox which has a series of exercises on visualizations, meditations, affirmations, writing, breathing techniques, and art to help you alleviate your fear, connect with your baby and get ready for childbirth.  This is THE book to get if you are pregnant or trying to conceive.”

Cinzia Fisher
Professor at Sandiego State University

“I recently gave birth to my first child and “Better Birth” was a wonderful guide. I knew that I wanted a natural birth, but the book helped me to understand what that meant for me. I was able to tap into my desires and fears surrounding the birth. It also helped me to align my birth support team to ensure that everyone was on the same page. I ended up going 15 days past my estimated due date, so I had to be induced. I have to admit I was devastated, but I knew (from the book) that I had to surrender and LET GO. Because of “Better Birth”, I was prepared with the BornClear toolbox and I ended up having a BEAUTIFUL birth. I am still amazed by how empowering the experience was for me.”


Meghan Walls

“From across the world, I was lucky enough to have Denise mentor me and my husband through the end of our pregnancy and the birth of our first child. Her fierce commitment to enlightening and empowering women (and couples) around the world shines through in every interaction and is captured beautifully in her book, Better Birth.

No matter what type of birth you're planning on or where you want to have it, this resource is a goldmine of support, education and encouragement. With the support of the BornClear method, I had exactly the birth I had dreamed of and, amazingly enough, I can't wait for the next one!”


Deborah R Bradley

“What a difference Denise makes for having you set up to bring a new person into the world, soup to nuts! Denise coached me before the birth of our second daughter a month ago. My first labor & birth was frightening, even with an experienced Doula to help my husband and me. It lasted 24 hrs, most of which I spent on the couch groaning through it, & ended with my beautiful daughter being diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy hemiplegia from a third trimester mini stroke. I was terrified I had somehow caused the stroke and would do the same or worse to our second child.

Denise helped me see a connection in my relationship with my own father between my belief he had "done something to me" (stopped interacting with me when I was about 5 to protect me from himself becoming physically abusive like his father was) and my belief I had "done something" to my first daughter to cause the CP. I actually started having longer, meaningful conversations with my dad the month before my second daughter was born than ever in my 39 yrs! Thanks to Denise's help I went into labor free of fear and dread, with excitement and curiosity about my next child in the foreground!

This book clearly lays out everything you need to know about what to expect, and more importantly what choices you really have. I chose to have a massage to induce labor. The massage therapist left my home at 5:30pm and I was in labor by 6! I chose to sit on big medicine ball while in labor. What an amazing way to bounce through contractions! I chose to go to sleep for 6 hrs of labor! When I woke up refreshed I was in active labor. I even took a shower and got ready on the ball. I pushed this time for 10 minutes and delivered a healthy girl with not even a minor tear! All the choices I made were not preplanned, but easy to make with Denise's coaching.

I was also clear about handling the unexpected: I didn't plan to wait nearly two hrs for an epidural once I got to the hospital, but that's what happened because the hospital had only one anesthesiologist on staff that day and he was doing a c-section for twins when I came in. I was able to focus on my freshly manicured toes and breathe through the intense contractions, while my husband looked into my eyes and gave me palpable love and encouragement. These were things I'd discussed with Denise in our prep for how I wanted labor to go. Ultimately I was totally present to my daughter's birth!

The best part of the book for me is the last part to prep for being a parent of a newborn. Wow! Everything I had to come up with on my own from what was missing the first time and things I would have never thought of, all to make this new phase or your life SO much easier! This is a book no soon-to-be parent can live without!”


B. Grossman


"Better Birth is a must read for expecting moms and dads and should also be required reading for birth instructors, midwives, doulas and the hospital staff involved with delivering babies. Denise empowers her readers to join a world-wide movement of becoming familiar with the mind-body connection and illuminates many modalities that support the pregnancy and birthing experience, making it a miraculous adventure.  Her approach and clear explanations link Eastern and Western traditions, and scientific and intuitive methods which can be used to create a powerful and positive birth for parents and their babies.  By putting her technologies into practice, we should expect a whole new generation of incredible children who have been conceived and birthed with this level of consciousness and love. 

Although I have already passed my child-bearing years, I am using the Better Birth methods to “conceive and birth” new projects in my life.

Denise Spatafora is a living model of her words of wisdom.  I have known her well for many years and she practices deeply all that she shares with her readers.  She is a woman of great wisdom and compassion and many shall be blessed with a Better Birth and a better Life because of her and this book!"

Kathryn Jaliman
Internationally acclaimed artist


“I wish I’d had Denise Spatafora’s Better Birth when I was pregnant with my daughter. It’s an insightful and transformative birth preparation program that gets to the heart of what it means to give birth, not only to one’s child but also to oneself. The exercises, meditations, and explorations Denise has devised are sure to help expectant moms connect with their babies and embrace their power through birth.”

Deirdre Shevlin Bell
Owner & Chief Inspiration Officer


"Every mother (and Dad!) who reads Denise's book will be giving themselves and their unborn child the greatest gift on earth- a pure understanding  of the joy and peace one should feel in preparing for
and experiencing childbirth".

Shelley Lewis Waln

Mother of Charlie & business leader



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