Creating Context For Your Birthing Experience

You already have a context or a perspective about everything you do in life - your relationships, your work, your body, your family - and this way of viewing things, your vantage point, manifests in what you say and do. Just as your current context creates the life you have, these same components will affect your pregnancy and birthing experience. In this chapter, you will have the opportunity to allow yourself to dream and think through what you really want the birth of your child to be like.

By the end of the journey, you will step out into a whole new context for yourself, your family, and your new baby.
The universal wish for childbirth is that it be as pain - free as possible. Most women I've talked to also want to feel secure and safe and to trust that their bodies will help them have a beautiful, satisfying experience. They don't believe, however, that they can really get their wish. They think that these are ideals that sound nice but can't possibly happen. Or, they don't know what they want or where to begin.

Some new parents tell me that they wanted peaceful births and wanted to trust their bodies but then were told or decided for themselves that this wouldn't be possible, that they couldn't achieve these things. As a result, they settled on believing that they couldn't have what they wanted at all. Before they knew it, they had relinquished control by accepting this perspective, allowing themselves to adopt a disempowering collective context. I don't believe that this is how childbirth should be perceived. Instead, I will teach you how to challenge the way you think and find the courage to choose what you really want.

You are the only one who can create the childbirth experience that you dream of - and every facet of the adventure that goes with it. If you really connect with yourself, you will be able to uncover the distinct way that you want your childbirth to go and to express your desires to the people who can help make your ideal childbirth a reality.

One of the first things I teach my clients during the BornClear course is how to begin designing their context for their birth experience. This is an ongoing process: as you educate yourself, achieve clarity, and communicate with your birth team and partner, this context will become fine - tuned and unfold organically. Working through the exercises in the book will help you make your new context crystal clear. And in addition to becoming educated, you will become empowered. Then, going forward, all of the choices you make will be consistent with what you want, what you consciously design. You are completely in control: this is not about having something happen to you; you are creating exactly what you want.

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