Overcoming Pregnancy Fears

I always tell my clients that during pregnancy, the best thing to do is to turn off the "Birth Channel" and stop having conversations with people about their childbirth experiences, unless these are positive and uplifting. I find that it's best to create distance from others who try to impose their negative thoughts and images on us. This negativity could potentially create fear and, worse, cut off the possibility that childbirth will be a rewarding experience. You don't want to build your objective reality around someone else's story.

You are then giving up the right to create your own baby's birth and instead are mirroring what the other person experienced or embellished.

No matter what your specific fear or concern is, recognize that any negative thoughts and beliefs will limit you in your childbirth and in your life. By addressing these fears and negative thoughts, you will be able to remove this attitude of fear from your current context. Just as you can absorb fear, you can also wring it out.
The following questions are meant to raise some of your conscious and unconscious fears. Answer these questions as honestly as you can, expressing all of your thoughts and concerns until you can clearly state exactly what you are afraid of. Look for common themes among your answers. For example, if you have issues with trust in general, you need to look at how lack of trust manifests in your own life, as well as the particular issues of trust surrounding your pregnancy.

  • What are your current ideas about pregnancy and childbirth?
  • What do you choose to think about or dwell on?
  • Are you worrying about the delivery or your life after your child arrives?
  • How will your relationships change?
  • How will your work life change?
  • Do you worry that you will repeat the same bad parenting you received from your parents?
  • Are you thinking about pain?
  • Are you wondering how long the delivery will take?
  • Are you wondering whether you will be strong enough to recover?
  • Do you wonder whether you will require medication during the delivery?
  • Are you afraid that you can't deliver vaginally and will end up having a C-section?
  • Are you unclear about the physical changes that will happen to your body?
  • Do you understand how childbirth actually progresses?
  • Are you afraid that your husband/partner/friends won't be supportive?
  • Are you afraid of what your life will look like afterward?
  • Do you worry about taking care of yourself and your new family?
  • Do you worry that you will never sleep again?
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