Review by Mallika Chopra

"In 'Better Birth,' Denise Spatafora delves into the connection between mind and body as it affects pregnancy and birthing. She offers her wisdom as a business and life coach to expectant mothers. With Denise's insight and guidance, women can reconnect with what childbirth truly is -- a natural, empowering, gift."

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Review by Nicole Heidbreder

This book is amazing and I can't think of anything better for a couple to read - in fact, I hope that each and every couple gets this book in their hands as soon as they realize they are pregnant.    This book will prepare women for birth in a way not found in other birth preparation books.   What a gift Denise has given women and couples!”

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Sat Nam Gurmukh Says:

"Born Clear is a must read for any woman who is pregnant or is planning to be pregnant. It is a beautiful book that shows expectant moms the importance of understanding their Mind-Body connection and their own ability to create the birth they want - skills they can take into their pregnancy, birth and impart to their children. It is truly a delight..."

Sat Nam Gurmukh

Director, Golden Bridge Yoga
Los Angeles & New York City

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Dr. Jacques Moritz Says:

“As a doctor who has partnered with and witnessed many women’s birth experiences in my hospital and birthing center, I highly recommend ( and have it be mandatory reading for my patients) that every pregnant couple read BornClear to be fully educated and empowered—out of this they will trust themselves and their choices. BornClear is a revolutionary, evolutionary education."

Dr. Jacques Moritz
Director of GYN. St. Lukes
Roosevelt Hospital & Birthing Center NYC
Featured in Business of Being Born film

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